• Aluminium and light alloys foundry

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Fonderia Locati Lonate Pozzolo

Our company, located in Lonate Pozzolo (VARESE), was founded in 2012.

We produce medium sized semi-finished metal products with a maximum weight of 1300 kg, which are melted into various alloys with green sand and chemical sand. The foundry occupies a total surface area of 8000 square meters, 4000 of which covered.

Our focus is on quality and services, providing our clients with pieces that have been mechanically processed and subjected to potential leak tests, carried out under high pressure with a blend of 75% nitrogen and 5% hydrogen or helium, to guarantee that they are leak-proof for both oil and gas.

At the end of this process a certificate is issued attesting to the product’s thorough compliance in terms of: quantometric analyses, mechanical tests, and registration of heat treating.

Our processes are carried out according to the procedures specified in the ISO9001:2015 quality control manual.