• Aluminium and light alloys foundry


Fonderia Locati - PRODUCTION

Fonderia Locati Lonate Pozzolo

We produce special medium sized semi-finished metal products with a maximum weight of 1300 kg which can be cast in various aluminium alloys by way of green sand forming processes with mould sizes of 630x800 mm on an automatic system and 850x1100 mm in semiautomatic, with various height options. The chemical sand castings can be as large as 2500x2500 mm.
We normally produce castings with the following alloys:
EN AC 42000 G.Al.Si. 7 Mg
EN AC 42100 G.Al.Si. 7 Mg 0,3
EN AC 46400 G. Al.Si. 9 Cu 1 Mg.
EN AC 21000 G. Al.Cu. 4 Mg.Ti.
EN AC 41000 G. Al.Si. 2 Mg. Ti.

Particular attention is given above all in the creation of pieces with mechanical and gas seals.